Contribution to Education

Pandit Brij Bhushan Kabra is one of the living legends of Indian music scene who is revered as the first guitarist to adapt the western instrument to Indian classical ragas. However, apart from his immense musical genius, the award winning guitarist is also respected as one of the great educationists of India. A highly educated man himself, Brijji had his primary education from Gwalior’s famous Scindia School and followed up with his B.Sc. (Geology) degree from Udaipur. He also received Business Administration training from Calcutta. He also had extensive studies on Rajasthani folk music.

Apart from his legendary musical curriculum, Kabraji has been involved with the development of women education in the state with special focus on Girl Education. It was Kabraji’s father who founded Mahesh Shikshan Sansthan with the noble mission of furthering women education in the state, a legacy that is being duly carried on by his son, despite his busy musical & business schedule. At present, he is the Vice President at the institution and is the chairman of Om Somani Commerce College and S.G.K. Teachers College. Mahesh Sikshan Sansthan has nearly 10000 pupils studying in diverse fields. Moreover, Kabraji has mastered several topics including yoga, meditation, spirituality that has helped him to develop an innovative understanding towards education. He has come up with a wealth of papers concerning child education where he has shown how rhythm and music can give a new significant meaning to child education.

He is also the president of S.G.K. Gyanpeth which serves to promote music, literature and folk arts. He has also given music for 14 albums on Rajasthani folk music, where the lyrics have been written by his sister Leela Somani.

Besides, Kabraji is also honored as for his remarkable research works in self-realization through music (naad yoga). Kabraji has been actively teaching at Rajasthan and Gujarat Music Academies for years. He is also a member of Baroda based Ustad Faiyaz Ali Khan Memorial Trust and president of “Maheshwari Pragati Mandal” Ahmedabad.

It’s to stress here that Pandit Brij Bhushan Kabra is a versatile genius across the Indian classical music scene. Apart from being an iconic guitarist, Kabraji is a famous poet and Sahityakar as well. He has written 5 poetry books which have been received with huge applause across the literary world. He has also written a book reflecting his ideas on how music and rhythm are integral parts of child education.